One of those Days

Some days we are just not meant to work. This past Monday, I had a severe nosebleed just as I arrived. It was like nothing I’ve experienced before, lasting in excess of 3 hours. It’s already out than I’m the source of the bio-hazard that closed the restroom down for more than 4 hours–after occupying it for close to 3. I’m the guy that carelessly left a big, dangerous mess for someone else to find and deal with.

For the record, I tried to keep it from coming to that. Trying to cleanup an area while the source of the contaminate continues to pour in, around and over nearly everything is a comedy of errors–a bit like asking muddy kids to mop the floor with boots on! So I left and tried to get things under control elsewhere before returning with intent to clean “for real” this time, but the “couple of minutes” I intended to be away actually took a couple hours. and environmental services had already been called, the “do not enter” sign had been placed and the “whoever left this mess is inexcusable” message already went out to EVERYBODY. My status as an outcast is being shored up, and possibly commented in place. I wish I could say it won’t happen again, but I’ve had two more just like it in the past week; I was just fortunate enough to be home.

So a sincere sorry for those who were directly involved in cleaning up the mess or made to worry by the photographs floating around, provoking either genuine concern for the person bleeding or justified anger for the person who made the mess. It was me, it was an accident, and I can’t say that it will never happen again. However, I do promise to call environmental services at the start next time rather than after all else has failed.


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